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Training Program

Trading binary Options is a risky form of trading, just like Foreign Exchange (FX) or the stock market. The fact that the trades expire in 30 minutes or less does not mean previous experience or supporting knowledge is not needed.

Binary Options' profits can be generated by correctly determining movements in assets' rates; although traders can try and guess the rate's movement, and in some cases even generate profit by doing so- but this is a poor strategy for the long run as consecutive success is not possible when guessing.

TallOptions is dedicated to its traders' success and for this reason has put immense efforts into developing the best training program. TallOptions's training program takes place over live chat or over the phone, according to traders' convenience. The training sessions are 1-on-1, conducted solely between the trader and the market analyst assigned to his account.

The training session is designed to include 5 lessons discussing the following topics:

  • General introduction to financial markets
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Indicators
  • Trading strategies
  • The training continues for as long as the trader feels needed
  • Homework, in terms of generating trading volume, will be given throughout the program simply as a trader cannot move on to the next topic before mastering the previous.

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